Step-by-Step Guide For Cheap Trip in Berlin (PART 2)

In my previous post, I showed you some cheap places in Berlin where to sleep and eat and what transport to use…

Now it’s time to reveal you the best landmarks in Berlin 🙂

What to visit in Berlin?

The capital of Germany is a BIG city! And YES, you need at LEAST two days there. I told you earlier, that most of the landmarks are near the center in a radius of 4kms, but if you want to visit the Berlin Zoological Garden, the Charlottenburg Palace or the Berlin Memorial wall, definitely you will need time. In my trip, I excluded the Zoo, because for me there were way more interesting places to visit and I didn’t want to waste one whole day in it.

1. Charlottenburg Palace – A quick Walk Through the Baroque Period

The summer residence of Sophie Charlotte and Frederick III is the perfect first place to visit. The royalties ruled Prussia during the 17th century and alongside with one of the best architectures by that time designed a piece of art. King Frederick III was a huge fan of his French colleague Louis XIV “The Sun king” and wanted to make sure his palace will be remembered for the ages.

HINTS: Don’t waste more than 2hrs. Visit the palace during the summer, because during the winter there might be some renovation. It is placed 20mins from the Central Bus station (Berlin ZOB, Messedamm). Take bus M49 from ZOB Berlin -> Kaiser-Friedrich-Str./Kantstr. Then, take bus 109 and get off at Luisenplatz.
Adress: Spandauer Damm 20-24, 14059 Berlin


2. The Berlin wall – A Memorial of Freedom

Many of you probably know why this wall was built – to divide two regimes of control. After 1945, the West part of Berlin was more attractive than the East. It was financially helped through the Marshallplan from the USA and the level of life was higher. Many wanted to escape from the Communist East Berlin. So, on 13th August 1961 the Wall was erected and the administration didn’t allow people to cross the border. The soldiers were instructed if someone tried to escape, to be shot. On 9th November 1989, the Soviet regime fell down and was announced that citizens from East Berlin can freely go to the West part. It is a significant part of Germany and surely a must visit place. Especially where is the graffiti part of the wall.

HINTS: Go there during the day. You can take lots of pictures near the wall and 30mins would be enough. There are 3 U-Bahn (Metro) stations near the wall such as Bernauer Strasse, Schwartzkopffstrasse and Naturkundemuseum + several bus and tram stops.


3. The Reichstag – To the German People

The building presents the power of the German Federal Republic and is the 2nd most visited place in the country. It was reconstructed many times after the wars and from 1999 it is the place where the German government takes decisions. A marvelous construction, where at1 the top, you can enjoy a 360° view of Berlin (The Reichstag Dome). You don’t wanna miss it!

HINTS: Visit it during the night. Check here the website about how to enter and more information about the Reichstag.


4. Brandenburg Gate – A Symbol of Peace

Considered as the most iconic landmark in Germany, the monument was built by the architect Carl Gotthard Langhans during the rule of Frederick William II in 1791. On the top of it, you can see the Quadriga – a chariot drawn by four horses. Actually the women inside of it, is the goddess of peace and victory Eirene and the monument used to be named the Peace Gate. After the Revolution, on 9th November 1989 people celebrated the fall of the regime and since then it’s well-known as the Gate of Unity and Freedom.

HINTS: Visit the monument on New Year’s Eve! It is a tremendous spectacle of fireworks and lights. But if you can’t manage to do it, during the whole year is a good time to visit the gate.


Some useful information for your trip…

  • In case you don’t want to spend money on extra mobile data, I encourage you to download the Berlin Offline City Map. It has a list of top places to visit, tram, bus and metro stations, restaurants and more. It would be very helpful if you get lost (hopefully you are not).
  • If you plan to travel all day with the transport, buy from a ticket machine a one-day card at the price of 7€. It includes all the transports in the city and you can get it from almost everywhere. And don’t forget to verify it! 🙂
  • If you are not a fan of the public transport and you prefer taxis, I suggest you to download Uber. The company is well-known over the world, but not in every country it’s legalized (such as in Bulgaria). When I was in Prague, I discovered how easy is to use the application and the prices are the same or even lower as the standard taxi tariffs. You can pay cash or by card and you just need internet for that. HINTS: get in for few minutes in McDonalds or KFC and use their free Wi-Fi 🙂
  • Ask the locals. Most of the Germans, even the elders, understand and speak English at a very high level.  The taxi drivers are your best friends! Don’t hesitate and ask 🙂

Alles ist bereit! You are ready for your trip! Now you need just to start packing, book your tickets and explore Berlin.

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