Nice to meet you

Hello, people 🙂 Let me introduce myself.

My name is Stefan, I’m from Bulgaria, a small Eastern European country with astonishing nature, warm people and delicious food. Currently I study MBA in the University of Economics – Varna, where I live and spend most of my time. My home town is Veliko Turnovo – the gem in the center of Bulgaria. One of the most beautiful and visited places not only for foreigners and tourists from China to America, but also for lots of Bulgarians it’s still an attractive destination for a holiday vacation. Soon I’m gonna reveal you a quick and easy guide to visit Turnovo 😉

What else about me? Most of my time, I’m interested in the global news, my sport addictions (Manchester United and the Bulgarian tennis super-star Grigor Dimitrov), travelling and movies. Four years ago, I haven’t passed the borders of my country to any other, but on September 17th 2013 our family took the opportunity to visit friends in Erlangen, Germany. It’s a small Students city situated in central Germany, but we prefered to observe the surrounding nature. So we decided that despite the long hours of driving, we rented a car and travelled through Serbia, Hungary and Austria in order to explore lots of places. We’ve booked a hotel in Novi Sad for one night, Budapest – one night and Vienna two nights (not enough I can ensure you!).

Since this trip, my hunger for travel journeys was unlocked and every year with my family we discover more and more new places and destinations. If you have already read my first blog post, you’d probably know that I spent the last four months in Prague, Czech Republic. I had this opportunity to explore lots of cities and countries and for that reason now I can proudly describe myself as a solo traveler. You know – backpack, camera, coffee mug, headphones and travel pillow – all you need for a good trip. Cheers for us!

That’s all folks! Hopefully, you will enjoy my journeys, which I’m gonna share very soon. Don’t forget to Subscribe and Follow to get useful guides and recommendations about hotels, restaurants and more 🙂

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