A Journey From Sofia to Monaco

It has come that time of the year, when people plan their summer vacations. Time to rest, time to party or time just to go on a journey with friends and family 🙂

Oh, also I’d like to thank to some amazing “people” who helped me for the past 4 years to get my bachelor degree sucessfully 🙂


In our family we have a tradition…

Every year we spend at least 10 days with my family on a trip across Europe. This year was no exception and our next destination was going to be Italy and the Adreatic coast. My dad, a 100% perfectionist who plans everything at least 6 months before it even happens, already set up the map and which cities we definitely must visit. He asked lots of collegues and friends during the past months for tips and hints what are the most interesting places to explore.

And after hours of talking, we set up our Mediterenian trip like this:

  • Start: September 3 from Sofia.
    TIP: Why September? July and August are the hottest months and the temperatures can go up to 40 degree, making it impossible for my parents to stay under the sun. You can basically cook eggs on the street.
  • Countries and cities to discover: Ljubliana (Slovenia), Mestre (near Venice), Florence, Venice, Genoa, Monaco, Verona, Zagreb
  • Duration: 12 days (enough as we will cover more than 5000km and visit 10 cities).
  • Transport: Own car. If you are going to discover so many towns and landmarks, the car is the best option.
  • End: 15 September Sofia

WE ARE READY! Excited and impatiend about our family trip. Less than 2 months to go. Both mom and dad are waiting this time of the year for so long as they see me very rarely through the year and spent time together

But this article is more about YOU giving me some tips, hints or guides for the places we’ll visit. I wanna know which are the best restaurants to eat, the most amazing views and worth destinations to explore and everything you can give me for an unforgetable experience 🙂

First STOP:

1. Ljubljana (Slovenia) – 1 night


The capital of Slovenia is our first destination and you can see why. Truly a peaceful and pleasant city, also been awarded as the Green Capital of Europe 2016. The car traffic is restricted in the center so tourists can enjoy there time alongside the Ljubljanica River. More about the city you can read up here.

We are going to stay a cosy pansion near Ljubljana called Pri Zabarju with a score of 9.2 (price-quality) on Booking.com, free parking and Wi-Fi, free cancelation and breakfast included. These four options are necessary for us cause we don’t want to spend extra money before getting to our main points.

What about you, have you been there? Give us your thoughts on which places we must visit  in Ljubljana below the post!

2. Mestre, Venice – 2 nights


I think there is no need to tell you why we’ve chosen Mestre over Venice. The Bloody EXPENSIVE hotels! Prices are too damn high, but if you choose to stay for one or two nights a good option is a Airbnb apartment. Not aware of Venice? Check out this article in the Lonely Planet guide.

The city is 15km away from Venice and we decided to stay for two nights in Hotel Adria. Rated 8.4 at Booking.com with lots of reviews about the lovely morning smell of croisants coming from the restaurant and the good location near bus stations.

Been to Venice before? Share with us your experience which places we must visit  in Venice below the post 🙂

3. Florence, Italy – 2 nights


You won’t hear a person been to Italy NOT to recommend you this ASTONISHING city. Simply stunning architecture, great food and….well, just watch this video 🙂

My dad chose the hotel for our stay to be Hotel Jane. Great location again, lovely breakfast (as I can see from the photos) and Free Wi-Fi and Parking. We were lucky to book it cause the place is one of the hottest for tourists every year.

What about you, have you been there? Give us your thoughts on which places we must visit  in Florence below the post!

4. La Spezia – 1 night

Many of you might not be aware of the history of this port town, but the reason why we chose to stay in Hotel Mary for one night is the closeness to Cinque Terre – five ingeniously constructed fishing villages. A Unesco World Heritage site since 1997, a true paradise for tourists and sea lovers. Read more about this place here.

5. Cogoleto – Genoa – Monaco – 2 nights

Italy’s largest sea port, Genoa is an attractive city with lots of history and culture. We decided not to get into the crowdy center, but rather to stay in Residence Villa Beuca in the small city of Cogoleto. A beautiful residence with sea view, restaurant and 15mins away from the Genovian coast. Also, very close to one of my DREAM destinations about this trip…Monaco 🙂

The residence of many sportsmen (such as Novak Djokovic and the Bulgarian tennis superstar Grigor Dimitrov) the Royal Port, is for a long-time ago my most wanted place to explore. Unfortunately, we won’t stay there for a night (cause the prices are very high), but at least we will enjoy every second there during the day.

What do you think, what else can we visit in Genoa or Monaco? Tell us below the post 🙂

6. Verona – 2 nights

Another gem in the crown of Italy, Verona reminds me so much to Prague. It’s no wondering why Shekspire placed Romeo and Juliet in this city – romance and love. From 3rd century BC Verona was a trade centre with ancient gates… (READ more).

The last place we’ll stay for a night will be the Agriturismo II Pianetto rated 9.4 stars, producing it’s own wine and olive. Every room has access to the garden where you can enjoy time while watching the sunset. What a heaven it is!

7. Zagreb (Croatia) – 1 night

Last stop at our trip will be the capital of Croatia – Zagreb. Zagreb has culture, arts, music, architecture, gastronomy and all the other things that make a quality capital city – it’s no surprise that the number of visitors… (READ more).

I hope these 2 weeks across the Adriatic coast will be the most memorable ever! So many places and cities to discover from Sofia to Monaco, so much to be experienced and many people to meet.

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“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” – Mark Twain

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