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While traveling from one place to another and exploring new destination, we want our stories to be remembered so later to tell our friends or family about them. It’s hardly to be denied that in the 21st centuary the advanced technologies give us the chance to do it in different ways. From buzzling drones in the sky to little 20$ cameras that fit in our pockets, we have so many opportunities to take shots.

But if you are more a fan of the long-lasting memories, then you should consider looking for an action camera. Nowadays, undeniably the most popular brand in the field is the GoPro. Superb quality, amazing experience and long durability are the key components that separate the GoPro from the others. Well, if you are ready to spend 500$ for an action camera, don’t hesitate and buy the new GoPro HERO 5 Black. You won’t regret.

But the Xiaomi Yi II 4k action camera is the best you can get if you have a small budget. This little beauty is perfect for digital nomads, travelers or simply people who love filming their favourite moments and don’t want to throw a fortune. Here are some of the features of the Yi II 4k Action camera and why it’s the best on the market…

action camera
Xiaomi YI II International Version WiFi 4K Sports Action Camera


  • Built-in screen.  Even the 500$ GoPro HERO 4 doesn’t have this included.  The Yi II has a built-in screen with smooth control and easy to use interface. Makes it fast and easy to interact with your phone or laptop and swipe between modes.


  • The resolution. High quality is so important when we talk about video recording. The Yi II performs at 4k video with 30fps / 1080p at 120 fps and 720p (slow motion) at 240 fps. The myth Chinese manufacturers produce only low-quality products is busted and Xiaomi proves it with the Yi II. Just take a look at these shots.

  • Battery life. Maybe the biggest disadvantage for most of the action cameras. The Yi II comes up with 1400mAh battery which lasts at least 50% longer then the GoPro HERO 4 (about 120mins). For people who earn money by recording videos and filming this is an important feauture.
  • Video motions. Now, for me this is the coolest thing about the camera. It can shoot Time Lapse videos (super fast recording), Slow motion and Loop videos. Perfect in any situation. It has an Electronic Image Stabilization system, but it might be not as good as you think in 4k resolution. This needs to be improved, Xiaomi 🙂
  • Wi-Fi app. A very responsive feauture for your phone, remote viewing of your video and control, super fast loading and easy-to-use interface. Perfect for LIVE videos for your Facebook page or YouTube Channel.


  • No extra accessories. Yep, in your box you will receive only a USB cable, a charger and that’s it. No waterproof case, which you can buy for only 19,99$ extra from here. Not bad really. But where to find the other accessories and cool gadgets? A good option is this 15$ Universal kit, which features all you need for an amazing live experience with the Yi II – clips, adaptors, sticks and more.
Universal Action Camera Accessory Kit

With all the features, I must say there is no better action camera for small budgets than the Yi II 4k. You will be truly satisfied with the performance and this comes only for 250$! Best price-quality product on the market!

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