8 Gadgets Every Traveler MUST Have

As travelers in the 21st century, our daily routine is highly bounded with the technology around us. Constantly, new digital products and gadgets hit us with Facebook and Google ads on the internet and we simply can’t deny this fact.

When going on a trip, digital nomads and travel bloggers want to make sure their devices are fully-charged and to stay connected with their customers. In order to do it, we try to optimize our time with different gadgets to be highly effective while working. Professional photographers for example, need more space on their laptops and an external hard drive is a must. Bloggers who live stream, are likely to lose their batteries fast and an additional one is a great option.

So I’ve made some research and read lots of reviews about the TOP gadgets for travelers. Here are my favourite 8 that grabbed my attention…

Pack Your Backpack and Just Travel

I think that’s the motto of all travel lovers ūüôā So I can’t miss to start with a product, where you can put all your stuff while exploring new places. The Protector Plus 40L Outdoor ¬†is suitable for camping, hiking, cycling, climbing and all kind of outdoor activities. Enough space for your camera, laptop or tablet. Water resistant, so you won’t worry about your electronics, anti-scratch with ergonomic and breathable back design. If you don’t wanna spend a lot of money (costs $37), this product will fit in your budget.

Protector PLUS
Protector Plus 40L Outdoor Water Resistant Backpack

A Masterpiece Of Sound

When was the last time you were fully relaxed with your favourite songs, sitting in your warm seat on a plane? Nowadays, millions of people are crossing the borders every day, but some of them may want to rest – like me. I personally don’t want to be disturbed after a long trip or going to a such one. To get away from the annoying noise, these¬†FIIL DIVA Bluetooth Wireless Headphones¬†can do the job. To be honest, I haven’t seen in a while so many features on headphones:

  • Bluetooth V4.1 with 10m distance range
  • Can be connected with or without a wire
  • HiFi function
  • Talkind mode, open mode and wind mode (more about them in the link above)
  • Answearing phone and Smart Noise Canceling system
  • You put on your headphones, music continues – put them off and the music stops playing (LEVEL OF AWESOMENESS: 9000)
  • Touch control sensor for volume and song switch

In addition, you can play your songs 33hrs continuesly with the support of up to 2 devices. You can have them for $149, which for this class products is an extremely good price.

FIIL DIVA Bluetooth

Tiny-Winy Travel Adapter

If you are on a holiday or business trip and you have to cross the ocean, this little friend is perfect for you. The Universal Multifunctional Travel Adapter is specially designed for people who travel all over the world. It will serve you in more than 150 countries with the US, UK, EU and AU plugs. Mini size, LED indicator and multiple protections. All you need in your pocket!

Travel Adapter


Always Be Ready For a Selfie

We must agree – selfies are the most popular type of expression on social medias. Everyone makes selfies – presidents, celebrities, your friends, your mam and even your grandmam! The variety of selfie sticks on the stores is huge, but I suggest you to take a look at this Bluetooth Tripod Holder Selfie Stick.¬†Why this one? Because has a Bluetooth option, which is very important. One day I recorded a promo video with my old wired selfie stick, but it went wrong. The wire disabled the microphone and there was no sound. Don’t repeat my mistake! Another cool feature of this stick is the¬†360 Degree Rotation and Adjustable Phone Stand. Easy to use for group and individual pictures.

Selfie stick
Xiaomi Selfie Stick Bluetooth Remote Shutter Tripod Holder

Classy and BIG!

Have to be honest with you, I’m a fan of the matt colored things! My phone case is matt, my laptop is matt and I hope one day my Mercedes to be ūüėÄ So I think the¬†10000mAh¬†Portable Power Bank¬†will fit very well to my collection. Looks good if you are on a business meeting and can fit easily in your pocket with the size of your smarhphone. Supports charging two devices simultaneously, LED indicator and an own case are in addition to it.

Power bank
CHUWI M10 Portable Power Bank

Mini Portable Speaker from Xiaomi

Xiaomi successfully breaks the myth China can’t produce quality products. I bought my¬†Xiaomi Mi Speaker 2 Bluetooth 4.1¬†some years ago and still the performs immersive bass sound with the professional TYMPHANY horn. It’s simple and very easy to use, with 7hrs of continues playback and LED indicator.


All-in-one Digital Storage

Full protection for your tech gadgets in this travel organizer.  Covered with waterproof nylon material and effectively prevents dust and scratch damage. It has perfect integration for digital accessories such as U disk, USB flash drive, data cable and power bank.

travel organizer

Wireless Bluetooth Charger

I assume not many will see this product as a travel gadget, but the AZPEN D100 Qi Wireless Charger¬†is one of the best I’ve found on the internet.

  • 3-in-1 Qi wireless charger Bluetooth 4.0 HiFi speaker charging dock station
  • Built-in HiFi speaker with support of hands-free calls
  • 2 Additional USB Ports
  • Phone & Music control

A great addition to your home for the multiple tasks you can perform with it.
Price: $59.99

Dock station

Leave your comment if you already have one of these. I’d be happy to hear what are your thoughts of it ūüôā

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