5 Things Only Solo Travelers Will Understand

To travel is always good. No matter the weather or the season, discovering new places brings you new moments, new friendships and lots of story to tell about and this especially applies to solo travelers.

But when it comes to some people, traveling alone frightens them. They can’t imagine being alone on the road for such a long time and not sharing a single thought with someone.

Well, you can’t judge them. Being alone is something scary for most of us no matter the age or experience, but there is another group of people, who enjoy spending time with their own – the solo travelers. You can recognize them from a distance – carrying a big backpack, wearing not so trendy clothes and asking the locals with a travel map in their hands.

Surely, I can describe myself as one of them and here are 5 things, which are specific for us…

#1: Solo Travelers Hate to Conform With Someone Else

The biggest truth about Solo Travelers! Nothing more frustrates us than following someone’s wishes about where to eat, where to sleep, how much money to spend and what to do. Look, group travelers, we want to manage our own stuff and which places to visit. We usually do this before backpacking and stick to the plan. Or we do it spontaneously, but still we are the BOSS!


#2: Solo Travelers Are Very Organized

In addition to what I said above, we are the masters of time management. Solo Travelers calculate the exact amount of time we need to reach a certain landmark or a city and it’s unlikely for us to miss the bus or the flight.

#3: Solo Travelers Are More Likely To Meet With The Locals

When you are in a group, the tour guides jump from one place to another and you don’t have the opportunity to explore the local environment. If you travel solo, you can easily spend time to talk with some residents and get to know more about the history, culture and tradition of the city or the country. A great chance to do it is to rent an Airbnb apartment. Personal experience is way more valuable!

#4: Solo Travelers Can Be Easily Picked up On a Stop

If you have a small budget for your trip and you want to discover more than one city, this is the best way to do it. Of course if you are 2 or 3, there are still drivers who would pick you up, but most of them will just pass you. Truck drivers are the best company because there is 90% chance they will need a listener on the lonely road and someone with who to share a story of his life experience. He won’t charge you with money and you will have a warm place to stay till the next destination – what else do you want? 🙂

solo traveler

#5: Solo Travelers Value Our Privacy

Yes, yes, yes! To connect with ourselves is very important for us. Solo Travelers need to stay with their own thoughts and feelings. Sometimes I go to a quiet place and spend 2-3hrs so I can write my next story and share it with you (typical for Digital Nomads). For us privacy means to get out of the crowd and the noise and just enjoy the moment. We just need time to think about ….literally everything!

Are you a Solo Traveler? Do you agree with these things? Share your thoughts below 🙂

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