5 Places You Must Visit In Warsaw

If you have read one of my posts about Berlin, I’ve mentioned Warsaw will be my next destination I will tell you about.

Alongside with Berlin and Prague, Poland’s capital is one of my favourite cities. But perhaps this is prompted by the fact I’ve met so many Poles for the last years. There are several things I really like in them. One typical feature you’ll find is their party spirit. They hardly will reject you an offer for a drink. Also, they won’t refuse their help, you can have a nice talk with them and they’d be happy to listen your story. So yeah, Poles ROCK!

Let’s get back to the point! I traveled the 10hrs road from Prague to Warsaw to meet some friends there. After 3 amazing days there, I must say these 5 places are a MUST visit destinations…

Old…but GOLD!

Once you discover Warsaw, you will be amazed how the New and the Old meet. Like many cities after the WW II, the Old town part is actually newer than the New town. It is renovated and rebuild from scratch, but has kept the spirit of Poland. On my first day, I decided to take a breakfast somewhere in the local bakeries. You can find them everywhere around the corner and you’d love the Polish food there🍲 Eggs, ham and cheese are the norm, but increasingly offerings include a range of fancier French-style patisserie.


❗HINT❗: Book a hotel or hostel near the Old Town square. Prices vary, but from there you can start your journey in Warsaw. Which must continue to…. ⤵


The Royal Castle Królewski – Home of the Monarchs

The Castle goes back to the 14th centuary when the Great Tower was erected. Since then, the residence has been ruined by many nations and rulers, but from 1984 is opened to the public. Before going on my trip to Warsaw, I asked my Polish friends which places for sure I must visit and all of them were unanimous about the castle.  And yes, they were all right! Like many other of his “colleagues”, the Royal residence of the monarchs of Poland attracts the eye from the very start. If you have ever been to the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna or the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, you won’t be dissapointed with this one as well!

❗HINT❗: Go for it in the morning to avoid the queue. Around 1pm really gets overcrowded there!

Home of Art and Technology

City’s most visible landmark, tallest building in Poland and 8th in the European union – this is the Palace of Culture and Science. A symbol, which can’t be unseen if you are walk down the center. The Palace contains a multiplex cinema with eight screens, four theaters, two museums (Museum of Evolution and Museum of Technology), offices, bookshops, a large swimming pool, an auditorium hall for 3000 people called Congress Hall, and an accredited university, Collegium Civitas, on the 11th and 12th floors of the building. The terrace on the 30th floor, at 114 metres, is a well-known tourist attraction with a panoramic view of the city. Basically, you can spend one whole day and I suggest you to do it!

Btw….am I the only one who thinks the Palace looks like the Rockfeller center in New York?


❗HINT❗: Don’t miss the view from the top! You can see whole Warsaw there.

The Heaven for Nerds 🤓

If you are a fan of science, interactive exhibits and experiments, DON’T MISS the Coppernicus Science centre. You remember all those guys in the biology and chemistry classes, who were really passionate when talking about atoms, embrioms and chemical reactions? They’d fall inlove with this place as there are separate rooms for every science. Or maybe you are this guy? 🙂

❗HINT❗: Go to their website to get online tickets and more info about work hours.


I don’t mind having talks with nerds. Exactly the opposite! They are quite interesting people and everytime you learn something new.


But my favourite topics in high school were geography and history. So this leads me to my next destination, which is on the TOP of my list… ⤵

History is Still Alive

I hope you don’t get the wrong message with this headline 😁. But what I truly want to say is that at the Warsaw Rising Museum, HISTORY STILL LIVES! Amazing place, filled with hunders of artifacts and records dating back from the ages of the World Wars. On July 31, 2004, the museum was opened celebrating 60th anniversary of the uprising. A remarkable history has Poland and no doubt this is the place where you can learn more about it. For retired gamers (like me), this place reminds me of many, many Call of Duty missions.rising-museum-warsaw

❗HINT ❗: Visit the museum on Sunday, when there is no admission fee! Check their website for more info.

Don’t even think to reschedule your flight to Warsaw! You will be stunned from the history of this country, warmnes of the people and their beer (not sure if the girls or the drink is better😉).

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  1. The Old Town in Warsaw is just incredible. I always go there during my trips and discover all the nice bars, pubs etc there. One of my all time favourites is definitely Bubbles. It is a place with champagnes, but not only. They also serve delicious food. It is a combination of a cozy bar and casual restaurant, exactly what I like. It is perfect for relaxing after long sightseeing 🙂

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